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Conservatives Against Fantino

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www.MooseandSquirrel.caConservative blogger ‘Natasha’ who runs the very conservative and very well-written ‘Moose and Squirrel’ blog ( has become the first blogger to announce her withdrawal of support from the Conservative Party of Canada in a letter to the influential Blogging Tories website in which she terminates her relationship over the party’s decision to appoint former OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino as a candidate in the riding of Vaughan.

As noted in her letter, however, her decision to disassociate herself from the site was premised on a belief that the CPC had failed her with its choice of Julian Fantino as a candidate, and not that the operators of the Blogging Tories had behaved inappropriately in any way (see also, Comment section below).

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Regional News reporter Bill Jackson takes notes at Oct 13/10 Caledonia debate

Regional News reporter Bill Jackson takes notes at Oct 13/10 Caledonia debate

Reporter Bill Jackson, himself a victim of an assault by native protesters in Caledonia, provided this editorial comment in the Oct 20/10 edition of the Caledonia-based Regional News, which serves Haldimand County:

Regional News – Comment [PDF]
by Bill Jackson
Oct 20/10

I echo the sentiment urging people to get out on Oct. 25 and exercise their democratic right as voters. It is a trite cliché, but nonetheless true. A strong voice is needed in Haldimand now, more than ever. 

Yet it’s easy to understand how people have lost their faith in government, especially when someone like Julian Fantino gets nominated as a candidate for the federal Conservatives. After years of lawlessness and two-tiered justice in Caledonia under his watch, countless letters and phone calls pleading with upper levels of government to do something to protect local residents, and Conservatives themselves saying that the province needed to uphold the law, it’s bloody disgraceful. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, local MP Diane Finley and the entire federal Conservative Party should be ashamed. There’s simply no way around it. 

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[5:28pm, Oct 14/10] We have decided to cancel the planned protest for tomorrow at the ‘GTA Rally for Julian Fantino’ event in Vaughan.

We knew that Gary McHale would be unable to speak because of his campaign to win a seat on Haldimand Council, which left Mark Vandermaas and Jeff Parkinson to travel to Toronto to speak. Unfortunately, Mark is too ill to travel from London to attend, so we must cancel the event. We apologize. The event will be rescheduled when key speakers and supporters are available. 

We appreciate your understanding, and would be grateful if you would share this with your contacts who may be planning to participate

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UPDATE 1025 Oct 12/10: National Post reporting “Julian Fantino will run as a Conservative candidate in an upcoming federal byelection in Vaughan, he revealed at a press conference this morning.” [LINK]

We will issue a separate statement later today, but it is clear the Conservative Party has decided to put short term political opportunism ahead of victims of crime who have already been abandoned for four years by Fantino. Today’s announcement is a slap in the face to law and order, to the rule of law, to the Charter of Rights, and to every Conservative supporter in Canada.  

Leading Caledonia activist Gary McHale and longtime resident/Conservative supporter Merlyn Kinrade have been invited to appear on Hamilton-based CHTV’s Live at 5:30 feature today.  

UPDATE 0234 Oct 12/10: Globe & Mail reporting in story updated at 2358 yesterday that Julian Fantino has registered domain “whose title bar is marked ‘Conservative Party of Canada,” and is expected to announce his candidacy at a press conference tomorrow [LINK]. 

UPDATE 0124 Oct 12/10: Conservative source reports that all Harper’s key people “have the Blatchford information and know the risk.” 


At 0005 today (Oct 12/10) the following bulletin was sent out to media contacts by ConservativesAgainstFantino in advance of an announcement by Julian Fantino scheduled to be made at 0930 at the Famee Furlane at 7065 Islington Ave., Woodbridge.

It should be noted that Christie Blatchford and her publisher had nothing to do with our campaign against the Fantino nomination which began in earnest Sept 17/10 when Caledonia Victims Project founder Mark Vandermaas published the article referenced in the release below.


Just days after launching our website as part of a concerted, weeks-long effort by longtime Caledonia activists/Conservative supporters to give the Conservative Party of Canada pause before nominating Julian Fantino as a candidate a Conservative source has now informed us that Julian Fantino will likely NOT be a candidate.
Our source advises:
It [the controversy over Fantino in light of his record in Caledonia] has reached the Prime Minister, so I think it’s likely they’ll back away from Fantino.”
Campaign to convince Harper/CPC to wait for Christie Blatchford’s book exposing Race-Based Policing in Caledonia
Copies of a CaledoniaVictimsProject article entitled, “Christie Blatchford in HELPLESS: Front line OPP officers ‘sold down the river’ by Fantino & Boniface” ( ) have also been circulating among prominent Conservatives via email and incurring negative reactions towards the party in light of Fantino’s record in Caledonia which included a criminal charge of Influencing Municipal Officia issued by a Superior Court judge, but dropped by McGuinty’s Attorney General before it reached trial.
On Sept 17/10 Caledonia Victims Project founder Mark Vandermaas, upon hearing rumours of Fantino’s candidacy, posted the following article – the first of several – cautioning the CPC to hold off nominating Fantino until after Christie Blatchford’s long awaited book exposing the depravations in Caledonia was released on Oct 26/10:

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BREAKING: Christie Blatchford in HELPLESS: Front line officers ‘sold down the river’ by Fantino & Boniface.


crying_ashamedThe Italian language newspaper Corriere is reporting that Prime Minister Harper will be in Vaughan to announce that former OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino will be the Conservative candidate for the riding:

VAUGHAN – Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be at Vaughan next Friday to announce the nomination of Julian Fantino a representative of the Conservative Party in the next-elections that should take place in December along with two other-elections that are to be held in Manitoba and a fourth in the district of Prince George-Peace River, which will be vacated on 25 October by the Conservative MP Jay Hill has already announced his resignation.

An insult to Caledonia, an insult to justice and an insult to Conservative supporters

'HOW DID WE BECOME THE ENEMY?' March for Freedom, Caledonia, Oct 15/06

'HOW DID WE BECOME THE ENEMY?' March for Freedom, Caledonia, Oct 15/06

We have been working behind the scenes and posting key evidence online to try to help the party understand that having Fantino as a candidate is not in its best interests in that it signifies that the CPC is willing to embrace a future that includes racial policing directed against innocent victims of extremism as an alternative to protecting those victims.

We want no part of any party that embraces such views. As one prominent Conservative supporter in Haldimand who understands the issues better than most told us privately, ”This is just wrong.”

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Christie Blatchford - HELPLESS, on bookshelves Oct 26/10

Christie Blatchford - HELPLESS, on bookshelves Oct 26/10

The site is being readied by longtime Conservative supporters for the specific purpose of campaigning against and defeating Julian Fantino in the riding of Vaughan and cabinet minister Diane Finley in Haldimand-Norfolk should the Conservative Party of Canada make the mistake of nominating Fantino as a candidate for the next federal election. 

We have advised the party to wait at least until they have had a chance to read Christie Blatchford’s upcoming book, ‘HELPLESS: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, and How the Law Failed All of Us, due on bookshelves Oct 26/10.

The title of Blatchford’s book tells you, and should tell the Conservative Party everything they need to know about Caledonia, and the failure of the OPP. The book relates Fantino’s role in its misery (he was appointed as commissioner of the OPP in October 2006 when he took over from Gwen Boniface when the worst of the violence was over.) 

Fantino’s intimidation tactics against non-native activists and politicians who spoke out against his force’s racial policing practices, and his blatant favouritism towards native protesters who terrorized Caledonia are legendary there and have no place in the Conservative Party or a future Harper government.

We do hope our party will do the right thing, but it is – unfortunately – necessary to send a strong message that they will pay a price if they choose otherwise. We have watched Diane Finley and the Harper government remain virtually silent for four years while the Ontario Provincial Police and the Liberal government of Dalton McGuinty conducted racial policing under a cabinet minister’s nose in Haldimand County and called it ‘peacekeeping.’  

Gary McHale, one of the organizers of this campaign, received 4,821 votes (10% of total votes) when he ran as an independent candidate in Haldimand-Norfolk against Finley and a high profile Liberal candidate in the 2008 election under a platform of law and order due to the silence of the government on issue. 

More resources will be added should it become necessary to launch the campaign against Fantino and Finley. For now, please see the following:

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