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Conservatives Against Fantino

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If there was any doubt about whether the Prime Minister of Canada supports Julian Fantino and police use of racial policing; appeasement of violent extremists as an alternative to protecting victims; the blaming of victims for crimes against them; intimidation of elected officials; and the wholesale abuse of police powers to smear and arrest citizens who speak out, there is absolutely none now:

VAUGHAN, Ont. – Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in the 905-area Friday to give Julian Fantino a political boost. Fantino is running for the Conservatives in an upcoming Vaughan by-election. The date for the byelection has not yet been set. Harper said he is proud to have the former lawman on his side. ”He’s, as you know, a highly-respected figure throughout the GTA and throughout Ontario,” Harper told reporters at the news conference. […]

680 News, Oct 15/10: Fantino gets high-profile help from Harper in Vaughan

Front line OPP officers “sold down the river” by Fantino

Harper has deliberately and knowingly wrapped the Conservative Party’s arms around a man who Christie Blatchford – after carefully researching the facts – including with the Ontario Police Protection Association (and what facts they are! I only wish I could reveal the evidence and statements from OPP officers in the book.) introduces Julian Fantino in the Author’s Notes section of her Caledonia book thusly:

“As it turns out, the front line officers of the OPP were sold down the river too, by their senior ranks, in particular by two commissioners of the force, Gwen Boniface and Julian Fantino, who either subjugated themselves to government will, held their tongues or respectively dreamed up the disastrous operational plan for Caledonia and then stubbornly held onto it for dear life.”

Blatchford gets evidence from the union from officers who served under Fantino

The fact that Blatchford got damning evidence about racial policing through the OPP union about Fantino’s race-based policing policies is no secret. On July 07/10,  she published an article in the Globe & Mail about how the the present commissioner Chris Lewis (charged w/Obstructing Justice in the McHale case by following Fantino’s orders to target him for a criminal charge at the outset of an investigation), with Fantino beside him, told OPP officers they were NOT allowed to pursue suspected native criminals onto the provincially-owned Douglas Creek Estates occupation site:

The Globe and Mail has obtained OPPA minutes of the spring, 2008, meeting, one of two that the force’s senior command have every year with the police union and where they answer questions.

The minutes show that Detective-Sergeant Roger Geysons, president of the branch encompassing Caledonia, prefaced a question by noting that there had been several recent occurrences “involving First Nations persons observed committing a criminal act and subsequently fleeing” onto DCE.

He demanded to know what written orders there were, and concluded, “Are OPP members allowed on DCE?”

Mr. Lewis, then deputy commissioner, with Commissioner Fantino at his side, replied that it was “news to me that this was still an issue” and said, “Short of somebody having a kid kidnapped and running onto the DCE, we’re not going to go onto that property. It’s just a recipe for disaster and it will set things back there.”

The emperors have no clothes

The two emperors are walking around with no clothes as they embarrass themselves and the Conservative Party members who are forced to pretend otherwise. Perhaps someone should tell them. Oh, we tried that. I forgot. It didn’t work, and they probably won’t listen to this either:

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