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Conservatives Against Fantino

Dec 04/07: 'Illegal Smokeshacks' news conference, Queen's Park Media Studio with (L-R) Doug Fleming, Merlyn Kinrade, Brian Hagan, Gary McHale)

Dec 04/07: 'Illegal Smokeshacks' news conference, Queen's Park Media Studio with (L-R) Doug Fleming, Merlyn Kinrade, Brian Hagan, Gary McHale)

Gayle and Brian Hagan are longtime Caledonia residents who have been strong supporters of the struggle to oppose Julian Fantino’s racial policing practices in their town.

Brian was a presenter at the Dec 04/10 ‘Illegal Smokeshacks’ news conference at Queens Park – after non-natives and police were assaulted by native smokeshack supporters on Dec 01/07, and  Julian Fantino had issued a press release falsely blaming them for the violence before the investigation had even begun.

Although the OPP refused to make a single arrest for the numerous assaults against non-natives and police that sent two people to hospital, Brian and Gayle’s son Kyle was arrested as he was quietly drinking coffee on the already blocked road. His arrest (seen in the slide show below) was the only one of the day and it was made by the same officer (also seen in the slideshow) who earlier refused to arrest the native smokeshack supporter who had assaulted CAF co-founder Mark Vandermaas.

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Brian and Gayle Hagan are asking for your help to support justice for Caledonia

Brian and Gayle have put out an appeal to their friends for help distributing our anti-Fantino brochures in Vaughan, and wanted to share it with all those who might care enough to help them and us reach out to the voters there:


Hi everybody,

Last Sunday was very successful in Vaughn.Despite rainy weather and short notice, we were able to pass out around 8000 Conservatives vs Fantino brochures on windshields in shopping malls in a couple of hours. It was easy to get to, reception was favorable, “Caledonia” seemed to be recognizable to most voters [no blank stares!].

People arrive for Conservatives Against Fantino protest and flyer delivery at Julian Fantino campaign HQ in Vaughan, Nov 14/10Many thanks to those who are participating in any way in this important campaign.Vaughan and the mighty Toronto media, including talk shows, are finally speaking out. The 3rd of 4 excerpts from C. Blatchford’s book appeared in today’s Globe and Mail.

Discounting the usual racist drivel it would appear that about 90% of opinion is in Caledonia’s favor, disgusted with revelations of government abandonment and O.P.P.discriminatory policies. FINALLY!

We are all hoping to keep the pressure on until the Nov.29 election in Vaughan, so look forward to meeting as many as possible at the Caledonia Arena at 11:00 a.m. the next 2 weekends, Sat. and Sun., to carpool. We were home by 5:00 last Sunday, each car free to come home when convenient.

A few spare hours of your time could mean so much…..

Thanks, Brian & Gayle


Will you help Brian & Gayle make sure Stephen Harper won’t reward Fantino’s Caledonia fiasco with a seat in the House of Commons?

They/we need help this Sat/Sun and next (Nov 20, 21, 27,28) to deliver 52,000 remaining brochures:

1. Meet us to carpool at Lions Hall/Caledonia arena in Caledonia at 11am, leave 11:15 sharp; OR

2. Meet us at Fantino’s campaign HQ at 1pm. 1/2 hour protest followed by brochure delivery.

Details here: Rally at Fantino HQ & deliver flyers

Not sure you should help?

POSTED BY: Mark Vandermaas