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Conservatives Against Fantino

Volunteers for Conservatives Against Fantino distributed approximately 8,000 of our new election brochures in the Vaughan area yesterday (Nov 14/10) after meeting with reporters in front of Fantino’s election campaign headquarters:

Merlyn Kinrade appeared on CFRB 1010 later in the day, and today, Gary McHale appeared on the Jim Richards Show during which Richards endorsed Christie Blatchford’s book Helpless repeatedly and told listeners to vote for whichever candidate Conservatives Against Fantino endorses. Thank you, Jim!

Can you help?

We’ll be doing a protest at Fantino’s HQ followed by brochure distribution each Saturday and Sunday until the election. We have 52,000 brochures to get out, so we could use your help! Details here.

Download our 2 page brochure (8.5×11″):

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