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Conservatives Against Fantino

CAF has been receiving links from comments in a number of Liberal-friendly blogs, like ‘A BCer in Toronto’ who cited a Toronto Star article suggesting that Tim Hudak, leader of Ontario’s Conservative Party didn’t show Fantino “the love”…


Rob Ferguson
Queen’s Park Bureau 

Former OPP chief Julian Fantino says he’s running to be a Conservative MP in part because he wasn’t approached by Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak.

“I’ve never had those discussions with Tim Hudak,” Fantino said Friday after appearing with Prime Minister Stephen Harper at a solar panel factory in Vaughan, where a by-election call is expected soon. […]


Bless those provincial Conservatives

I have it on good authority that the provincial PCs understand that if they’re elected the Caledonia millstone gets hung around their necks. It certainly appears they have much better sense about not making that millstone even heavier by embracing Fantino.

It would seem they are able to see what the feds don’t: that it would be much better to be on the side of the victims than their tormenters when the Blatchford stuff hits the fan via a book subtitled Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, And How The Law Failed Us All

Hudak  can, I am sure, do basic math; he knows that Caledonia + Nightmare + Fear + Anarchy + Law Failed Us All + Fantino + McGuinty = Bad News.

What the federal iteration of Conservative brass don’t seem to realize is that even if Fantino wins, the party loses in the long run. Once you’ve sold innocent victims (native and non) and police officers down the river, your party is pretty much done. The only question is when.

Liberals like CAF

Thanks to ‘BCer in Toronto’ (who, apparently is a member of Liblogs & Progressive Bloggers) for the story and the link to the Star article, but especially for the final sentence in his article:

“Also, this site would seem worth watching: Conservatives Against Fantino.”

Yes, it would.

CAF also got a plug from a reader on none other than Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella’s blog. Kinsella is the mastermind of McGuintey and Chretien’s rise to power:


fritz says:

Warren, Do you think Rossi should run against Fantino in Vaughan, as has been suggested, or wait for a better political opportunity? As you are fans of both it puts you in a bit of a quandary if he does run there.

Reply, Oct 14/10: Rocco Rossi


And so do real Conservatives…

I can’t be too specific, but CAF is being followed closely by more and more people who know the score, know what’s at stake for the party, and are helping to spread the word.  Thank you.

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