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Conservatives Against Fantino

Free advice for the Conservative Party – learn from other people’s mistakes, not yours

After Gary McHale and I were arrested on Dec 16/06 for wanting to put up a Canadian flag (they told the Ontario Human Rights Commission they were protecting me from an “extreme element”), I personally contacted the Ontario Provincial Police Association and got the cell phone # for its VP Ron Middel. I left two detailed messages asking if we could meet and work together to put the blame on the brass where it belonged rather than the frontline officers. I never heard back from him. Two days before our Jan 20/07 March for Freedom (our 2nd unsuccessful attempt to raise a Canadian flag in Caledonia) the OPPA issued a disgusting press release accusing us (among other things) of being racists trying to incite violence for daring to protest against racial policing in Caledonia – a document for which we are now suing them.

Fast forward 3.5 years later and a book is about to come out from an author who got super-sensitive, inside documents from the same OPPA leadership that scorned our attempts to reach out to them and then accused us of being crazies and, the book – revealingly titled ‘HELPLESS: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, And How The Law Failed All of Us’  (can’t get much clearer than that) – is being promoted by a video that includes such statements as:

“Vandalism and violence escalated as the police stood by”

“Award-winning journalist Christie Blatchford reveals the failure of government to govern and to protect all its citizens equally.”

Is there any doubt that the OPP is about to be barbequed and the conduct of officers following illegal orders is going to be exposed? I feel great gratitude to the OPPA leadership for finally stepping up and helping Blatchford tell this story, but conflicted officers – and Caledonia citizens – could have avoided a lot of pain if it had decided to do so earlier. The OPPA leadership made a very unfortunate decision to stay silent and side, not with those opposing the injustice caused by illegal orders, but with those giving them. In doing so, it ensured that Caledonia would remain a stain on the force that will never be erased. 

Now, here we stand today…deja vu:  This site exists because the Conservative Party leadership ignored its conscience, and us too. They were warned to wait for Blatchford’s book, offered every assistance in understanding Fantino’s record, but spurned it.  Conservative Party faithful are in the same position as OPP officers – forced to follow orders to keep their jobs/beloved party membership/status all the while knowing their leadership is selling out everything they used to believe in – for one seat. It took months before leaks started coming from OPP officers;  it only took about a day after Fantino’s nomination before I started hearing from longtime Conservatives. Every Conservative supporter I know is disavowing the party until Fantino is gone, and stopping contributions.

This site and Blatchford’s book was mentioned on Liberal campaign (McGuinty & Chretien) mastermind Warren Kinsella’s blog by an adoring fan named Fritz (see Oct 14/10 at 6:41) who wanted to know, ” 

My free advice to all Conservative volunteers, especially those in the senior positions who we KNOW are gagging on the Fantino-CPC ticket: do the right thing now.  Take a lesson from the OPPA’s pain  – doing the right thing in the short term is a LOT less painful than hoping the pain of doing the wrong thing will go away all on its own. Speak out. Get kicked out of the party if you have to. Talk to the media. Resign. 

And don’t forget to tell us about it.

POSTED BY: Mark Vandermaas,