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Conservatives Against Fantino

One of our party sources forwarded us an email dated today at 5:23 pm from the head office mailing source for the Conservative Party of Canada in Ottawa with his own interpretation of its meaning:


Subject: FW: Invitation to Fantino’s Fiasco Free Dinner

Free dinner? It looks like they’re getting desperate to get people to attend. Obviously, the party is running this, not the local EDA association.



From: Stand Up For Canada [mailto:standupforcanada@conservative .ca]
Sent: Thursday, October 14/2010 5:23 PM

Subject: Invitation to Vaughan EDA’s  (head office) event

The Federal Riding Association of Vaughan would like to invite you to a Special Event with JULIAN FANTINO, this Friday, October 15th.

The Event is being Held at 8pm at:

 The Riviera Parque Banquet Hall
2800 Highway 7
Vaughan, ON

There is no cost to attend and a buffet dinner will be provided at the Event.

You must Pre-Register for the Event by Noon on Friday October 15th.  

You can register by phone with your name and phone number at 1-877-830-7397 or by email to: (Head office)

 Thank-you and hope to see you there!

Email communications from:
Conservative Party of Canada, #1204 – 130 Albert Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1P 5G4

Note three items of interest:
1. We had to pay $25 to wait 30 minutes in line to eat cold hamburgers when we attended the recent CPC event in London where Stephen Harper made an appearance. At Fantino’s event, the party’s not even trying to raise money with their ‘star’ candidate. Why? 
2. The time has been changed to 8:00 pm since we announced our (now canceled) protest which would have begun at 6:00 pm so we could be there as people started to arrive. In the first invitation they clearly expected so many people they announced that registration would begin at 6:30 with the event beginning at 7:30 pm.
Now, they’re just begging people to show up for the free meal at 8:00pm.  Were they afraid of us embarrassing them in front of the media, and tried to outsmart us, or (more likely), are they having a tough time attracting people? 
3. The first email invitation was sent by the Ontario Regional Organizer from the 416 area code. As our source points out, this email was sent by the national party, not the local Electoral District Association (EDA).
Is the CPC having  trouble attracting party faithful willing to be seen in public with Fantino? Perhaps the grassroots is smarter than those who have foisted the Fantino trainwreck on us. Today alone, on a site that is barely one week old, we had 288 page views and are just shy of 1,000 for our first week. We suspect the party bagmen are getting taught a valuable lesson about the dangers of subverting the nomination process to the detriment of local organizations. 
Thank you to those who are lobbying against the Fantino nomination and supplying intelligence we can share with other Conservatives to show they’re not alone in thinking, ‘This just isn’t right!’