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Conservatives Against Fantino

100421 (L-R) Merlyn Kinrade, Christine McHale, Gary McHale

100421 (L-R) Merlyn Kinrade, Christine McHale, Gary McHale

UPDATED — CANACE co-founders Gary McHale and Merlyn Kinrade appeared on CHCH TV’s ‘Square Off’ segment yesterday at 5:30pm.

Gary was asked about the advance copy of Christie Blatchford’s book ‘Helpless’ he was holding so he obligingly held it up to the camera, and then shared some key items in the book about OPP corruption, and the most interesting part (for him/us) was how OPP officers, including their union leader Karl Walsh, spoke out openly under their real names.

For the record, the first OPP officer to speak out publicly was actually Jeffrey Bird back in 2009 when he testified as a defence witness at the preliminary hearing for the charge of Counselling Mischief Not Committed against McHale. He confirmed – among many things – the existence of racial policing during testimony on April 27/10.

He also criticized Conservative Minister Diane Finley of Haldimand-Norfolk and her husband Doug who is Harper’s closest advisor for allowing Fantino to be a CPC candidate after his atrocious record in Caledonia. Gary said what many are saying in reaction to the possibility of Fantino running under the PC umbrella – it is a slap in the face to the people of Haldimand.

Gary also managed to mention the website. Today, alone, we have had 288 views, and a total of over 500 views for a site that is just a few days old.


Blatchford & John Tory hammer federal Conservatives & Fantino

While Gary & Merlyn were reaching the massive CHCH audience, John Tory’s guest on his show at CFRB 1010 was none other than Christie Blatchford.

According to Jeff Parkinson who was fortunate to catch the show around dinner, the two were hammering Fantino and the federal Conservative Conservative Party over Caledonia, and the failure of the party to respect its own nomination process. McGuinty’s name was also mentioned during the conversation in speculation over whether Fantino was ordered from above not to enforce the law or not.

We have been unable as of yet to locate a recording.

A well-placed source in the Conservative Party told me last week that insiders were very troubled by the willingness of Harper and Doug Finley (Haldimand-Norfolk/Caledonia MP Diane Finley’s husband) to by-pass the nomination process for high-profile candidates outside the party, angering longtime members wishing to be considered.


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