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Conservatives Against Fantino

Inside the Conservative Party – turmoil

1. A well-placed source in the Conservative Party told me in the past few weeks that party insiders were very troubled by the willingness of Harper and Doug Finley (Haldimand-Norfolk/Caledonia MP Diane Finley’s husband) to by-pass the nomination process for high-profile candidates outside the party like Fantino, angering longtime members wishing to be considered.

Curiously, this was also a topic on yesterday’s discussion between Christie Blatchford and John Tory at CFRB 1010.

2. A different source advises that people within the party are very distressed at the recruiting of Fantino. He reports: “A lot of Conservatives I know are very upset with head office. The feedback is 10-1 against Fantino.”

POSTED BY: Mark Vandermaas,