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Conservatives Against Fantino

Shortly after learning of Prime Minister Harper’s planned visit to Vaughan to announce that Julian Fantino is running for the Conservatives there, we received an advance copy of Christie Blatchford’s much-anticipated book about the Caledonia crisis, HELPLESS: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, and How the Law Failed Us All which will hit bookstores Oct 26/10 .

HELPLESS book jacket

This is from the introductory ‘Author’s Notes’:

“As it turns out, the front line officers of the OPP were sold down the river too, by their senior ranks, in particular by two commissioners of the force, Gwen Boniface and Julian Fantino, who either subjugated themselves to government will, held their tongues or respectively dreamed up the disastrous operational plan for Caledonia and then stubbornly held onto it for dear life.”

  • from: Author’s Notes, page ix

Click on the image above to download a high-res copy of the very striking book jacket for HELPLESS – including front, back, spine and overleafs.

bridge fire4Tip: if you zoom in on the rear overleaf (the one w/Christie’s picture) you’ll see a credit to Gary McHale’s site for the main cover photo of the burning Stirling Street bridge which was allowed to burn by firefighters because the fire chief didn’t believe the OPP would protect his men from death threats hurled by native thugs who set the structure ablaze. The picture (right) shows a Six Nations flag hung proudly above the ashes.

Background and ordering info (with a great discount) can be found here:

An ugly story – beautifully told

I’ve only read the intro and scanned other chapters, but what I have read so far confirms my belief that most people will have a hard time believing Christie Blatchford’s HELPESS isn’t a work of fiction. They’ll have to, though, because the detail is extraordinary.

The word ‘shocking’ doesn’t begin to describe the range of emotions one feels at what the people of Caledonia went through at the hands of native extremists and the cops who were supposed to protect them, but chose not Christie Blatchfordto. So far, it’s a despicable, ugly story – beautifully told.

Blatchford will be going on a 20-city book promotion tour in November where we are sure the #1 question will be: 

“Well, Christie, this is pretty shocking stuff…what’s Fantino doing now?” “So glad you asked,” says Christie, “Would you believe…”

We warned them…

We warned the Conservative Party to wait for Christie’s book, but they wouldn’t listen.


Posted by: Mark Vandermaas